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Jiangsu Huanneng Silicon Carbon Ceramics Co., Ltd.  was established in 2001, we mainly produces high-temperature silicon carbide heating elements, Since we establishment, we have been manufacturing high-tech and high-quality products with the spirit of continuous innovation.In 2006, we cooperated with the Silicon Carbide Materials Research Institute to develop new silicon carbide heating elements, and adopted the newest production equipment and the industry's latest production technology, the SICTECH brand silicon carbide heating elements produced by us have been well received by customers.

SICTECH provides various specifications of high-quality silicon carbide heating elements:GD (straight rod) type, HGD (high density straight rod) type, U type, W (three phase) type, LD (single thread) type, LS (double thread) type and other products,the highest surface heating temperature can reaches 1625 degrees Celsius.

Use Range

Our Products has been widely used in heat treatment industries such as glass, ceramics, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, and exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world.


Metal Industry

Powder metallurgy sintering

Aluminum alloy dissolving, Casting insulation,aging treatment

Gas carburizing and hardening of cars, airplanes and mechanical parts

Carburizing, nitriding and annealing of steel parts​​​​​

Quenching and tempering of various molds, steel wires, etc.

Bright treatment of mold steels

The tempering and welding of machine parts

Carbon or sulfur analysis


Electronics Industry

Firing of ceramic capacitors

Sintering of alumina and talc

Ignition of piezoelectric elements

Firing of I.C. substrate

Refining of Ceramic resistors, varistors, thermistors

Sintering and calcination of ferrite

Annealing heat treatment of plain steel plate, iron, optical fiber, optical disc and so on


Ceramic Industry

Fusion, insulation and gradual cooling of glass

Surface treatment of the glass

The heat treatment of the liquid crystals

Lens processing

Manufacture of safety glass

firing and manufacturing of ceramics and glass fiber

firing of quartz raw materials

Test of various refractory


Chemical Industry

Firing of phosphors and various pigments

Combustion of catalyst

Heating activated gas

Dry distillation, coking, degreasing

Firing activated carbon

Purification furnace, deodorizing furnace



Various high temperature furnaces

Combustion of gas and kerosene appliances

Local heating

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Our company has a group of excellent technicians, who can choose the best design scheme based on our production experience and product characteristics to provide users with design services.We have high development capabilities, and can develop special heaters according to customers' special requirements, and also we can provide customers with customized products under special conditions of use.