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Double Spiral Silicon Carbide Heating Element

Sic Tech double spiral silicon carbide element is made of special materials, the density of the hot zone can be 2.8g/cm3, the maximum using temperature is 1625℃, very long working life. One end of the wire, it’s east to install.

Product Description

Double spiral silicon carbide heating elements have several features that make them ideal for use in kilns and other high-temperature applications. They have high strength and excellent shock resistance, making them durable and long-lasting. They are also free of noise and air pollution, which makes them environmentally friendly. They are anti-oxidizing and anti-corrosive, which helps to extend their service life. They have little deformation, which means they maintain their shape even at high temperatures

Technical Data

Double Spiral Silicon Carbide Heating Element Could be Used in a Variety of Applications

Used in Dental Furnaces

Most zirconia materials need to be sintered at a high temperature of 1450~1550° C for two hours or more. As a common electric heating element of zirconia sintering furnaces, silicon carbon rods can be used to burn teeth with an open crucible without cover. In a single atmosphere, this eliminates the double atmosphere in the crucible and makes sintering more accurate, because the repair will not be sintered in a second heating environment. Silicon carbon rods can be cooled quickly without damaging components.